Zachary C. 0 Sweeper Level

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East Carolina University, Health and Wellness

Hello,My name is Zachary Caudle. I am a motivated individual looking to make some extra money to help pay for school. I do not mind getting my hands dirty, or handling paperwork.


Greenville, Raleigh


I am currently a full time student at East Carolina University


Moving I am six feet tall and 200 pounds. I have absolutely no problem moving things such as desks, furniture, etc.

Cleaning My mother taught me well, and I have no problem cleaning anything from counter tops to toilets.

Events I am a people person, and do not mind helping with questions, guiding people to where they need to be.

Yard I have done yard work my entire life, and appreciate a neat yard myself. I never stop until the yard looks presentable, and can handle any tool used in yard work.

Painting I pay attention to detail, and am willing to handle tedious work such as painting.

Anything I am up for a challenge. Just give me the opportunity to do so.

Organizing I pay attention to detail, and have no problem following directions. I do not mind taking the time to sit down and do something if I know it is worth doing right the first time.


Tool Kit Sockets, screw drivers, wrenches, jumper cables, car jack

Leaf Blower Rake

Cleaning Pack Rags, winded, cleaner, vacuum.

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| 5 | Moving in Greenville

Jenny R. Very polite & extremely helpful!

| 5 | Moving in Greenville

Katherine R. Excellent work

| 5 | Moving in Greenville

Hema R. Professional and very thorough.

| 5 | Anything in New Bern

Paige W. Zach was great! Thanks so much.