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4.89 (33 jobs, 10 reviews)

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Kinesiology and Exercise Science

My name is Brittany and I am a senior at UNC. I am very active and love playing sports. In addition, I really enjoy people, kids, animals, and working with my hands.


Chapel Hill, Virtual, Durham


I am a member of the track team and on the leadership team for Athletes in Action, a campus ministry. I also occasionally babysit for a few families and am very involved in the Summit Church.


Moving I have had quite a bit of experience packing boxes and moving furniture in college. Every year I have had to move in and out of new places and also helped many others to do the same.

Cleaning Cleaning is something that I have had to do a lot of at previous jobs. I have worked in two restaurants which required cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, tables, and many other areas.

Events After working a summer camp last summer, I gained experience in organizing events and assigning personnel to various jobs in order to ensure that the events run smoothly and on time.

Yard I have experience with gardening, raking, and other odd jobs outside.

Organizing In previous jobs, my work required tasks like sorting and organizing products on the shelves and taking inventory.

Painting I have done a lot of painting in my own home. I painted multiple rooms as well as desks and shelves.

Anything I have lots of experience with taking care of animals and also taking care of children. I have had a multitude of babysitting and petsitting jobs.


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| Cleaning in Durham

Andrea B. brittany was fantastic . i will use her again on a weekly basis if she is avalible ,her and tyler are a good team

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

April L. Brittany was fast, efficient, and hardworking. She always had a smile on her face. I will be requesting her in the future.

| 5 | Organizing in Raleigh

Jill K. Fabulous! Exactly what I needed! Thank you!

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

April L. This is my second time receiving help from Brittany in my yard, and she continued to impress me with her hard work and positive attitude. I can't wait to have her come back and help me again.

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

April L. Brittany is the best. I highly recommend her. She is nice, honest, and hardworking.

| 5 | Cleaning in Durham

Hillary B. Brittany was phenomenal. She did such a thorough job cleaning our home and was able to complete more than we had even anticipated in the allotted time! We would highly recommend her.

| 5 | Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Jessica I. Thanks! The place looks great!

| 5 | Anything in Carrboro

Catherine D. Friendly and strong!

| 4 | Cleaning in Durham

Marty S. Good job thanks.

| 5 | Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Laura W. I'll miss Brittany, but it's time for her to graduate and go on to other things! I wish her the best in her career and in her ministry.