Omari A. 0 Sweeper Level

5.0 (18 jobs, 11 reviews)


North Carolina A&T State University, Mechanical Engineering

My name is Omari Amsterdam. I am a great leader and I enjoy working in groups. I follow instructions clearly and I am physically able to do any job. I have my own car so I can go to any job site. I am majoring in mechanical engineering at North Carolina A&T State University.


Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Durham


I am a part of NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers).


Moving I have a background with moving. I used to work at FedEx and O'Reilly where I worked in trucks loading and unloading all sizes of materials.

Cleaning I clean my home very thoroughly every week. I do not have a problem with cleaning. I love cleaning.

Yard Yard work is not difficult for me. I do it a lot at my parents home. I also used to do yard work as a side job when I was younger.

Organizing I am great with organizing.

Tutoring I am knowledgeable in up to high school math and english. My father tutors so I know techniques from him.

Painting I just finished painting the entire inside of one of my parents rental properties. I do this job very well and precisely.

Tech I know basic computer workings.

Anything If I am able to do it I will do it.


Cleaning Pack All types of cleaning equipments I have.

Brushes I have a paint roller and small brushes

Pressure Washer I can have access to a pressure washer.

Rake I have a rake for picking up leaves.

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| 5 | Moving in Pineville

Elbert S. Great Guy!

| 5 | Yard in Raleigh

Susan W. Omari did a great job!

| 5 | Cleaning in Raleigh

Akanksha J. Omari did a great job!

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

Alyson C. Professional and thorough! Omari did a great job with yard work and made sure he understood what I wanted before he began. He went out of his way to be helpful with things not even related to the job when he saw me struggling with our new baby stroller! :) Really nice guy.

| 5 | Cleaning in Greensboro

William E. A fine young man who exceeded expectations

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

Catherine V. Omari was fantastic. He was right on time, worked hard, and did a great job. I highly recommend him!

| 5 | Painting in Greensboro

Ellen L. Omari was very dependable and helpful on the job.

| 5 | Tech in Chapel Hill

Laura W. Omari was prompt, and helped tremendously with the glitches I was having on my computer. He's very knowledgeable about computers.

| 5 | Moving in Carrboro

Margaret R. Omari was kind and respectful. And he did a great job!

| 5 | Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Jennifer L. Arrived on time and did a thorough job. Was pleasant and very easy to work with.

| 5 | Cleaning in Greensboro

Paula M. Omari was on time and friendly. He did a great job and paid attention to the details.