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How do pay, taxes, and benefits work for Sweepers?


Sweepers work as independent contractors at Sweeps. This has important ramifications for your pay structure, taxes, and benefits.

As an independent contractor, you are self-employed and able to work the jobs you want, use your own tools, determine your dress, and incur costs. We at Sweeps act as a logistics and marketing platform to solicit jobs and aid in their completion (scheduling, messaging, payments, etc.) to facilitate quality work.

We offer the following information and resources as a guide, not as an authority. We recommend contacting professionals to address your individual concerns.


See the Sweeper Pay article for details.


Sweepers that earn >$600 in a year will receive a 1099 from Sweeps. We recommend reading the support articles at IRS.gov to learn more.


Sweeps does not currently offer benefits. We have partnered with Catch to offer saving for retirement, taxes, time off, and more.

Third-Party Partners


Catch is a platform to help independent contractors start saving for retirement, taxes, time off, and more - all in one place. You can join the portal tailored for Sweepers at https://www.catch.co/sweeps.

Catch also maintains a blog, Catching Up, about benefits and other pertinent topics for independent contractors.


Sweeps uses Payable (a subsidiary of Stripe), to file 1099s. Payable has a robust Support Site regarding taxes.


Sweeps utilizes Stripe for payments to Sweepers, using their Connect Platform. Stripe maintains a wealth of information at their Support Site and Documentation.

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