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NICEST SWEETEST YOUNG MAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! How he could put up with my incessant chattering I'll NEVER know, he never zoned out as i jabbered on and on and on!!! Plus he was just so so so amenable, wouldn't let me help at bit with that mattress and box spring. I am so very grateful for having such a positive and wonderful experience, as an old lady all alone down here in North "Narrowlina" where I have been incessantly scammed by ruthless handymen, contractors, and one particularly cut throat electrician, Jake was a breath of spring air for me. I ever need another pick up truck job I want JAKE AGAIN!!!!!!!
Candice F.
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August 19, 2019
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well, was going to hire a couple of people for 8 hours, but i'm elderly and wouldn't be able to come up with $620 for the next five years. so i've been sleeping on the floor for the last 5 years since the movers i hired lost my bed somehow and i finally found someone with a really nice mattress and box spring, so though i have a gazillion other things I am desperate to have done around here, I can't afford it and because I guess I can only get one young man for one hour to go pick up the mattress and box spring and hopefully I can find a twin frame to put the mattress and box spring on, hopefully there will be time for him to assemble the frame and heft that box spring and mattress on top for me
Chapel Hill
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Jake M.
Chapel Hill
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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
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