Category Moving
Description I need two Sweepers to help me unpack a 16' truck. There will be about 11 pieces of large furniture, 12 small pieces (dining chairs, nightstands, etc.), and 3 or 4 boxes. There are 2 flights of stairs to deal with, no elevator, but the truck will have a ramp.
Equipment Needed Hand Truck (Dolly)
Sweepers Requested 3
Sweeper Description The ideal Sweepers will have lots of experience moving furniture safely and carefully! I'm sure they will do a great job.
When and Where
Location Raleigh, 27616
Start Time Fri. May 25 at 4:00pm
Time Estimate 2 hours
When Posted Tuesday, 05/22/18 07:11pm
Awarded Sweepers
Brandon G.
Rating: 5.0 (70)
James B.
Rating: 4.94 (127)
Malik M.
Rating: 4.97 (30)
Brandon G. (Rating: 5) Brandon was great! He came to the job site and jumped right in, helping unpack a lot of heavy stuff from my moving truck and navigate up two flights of stairs. He worked hard and efficiently, plus had a great attitude! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!
James B. (Rating: 5) James was excellent! He worked incredibly hard unloading my moving truck and was really careful and efficient, getting heavy furniture up two flights of stairs safely. He has a great attitude and shows a lot of leadership qualities, so I would definitely recommend him for any kind of job!
Malik M. (Rating: 5) Malik was wonderful! He worked super hard and had a friendly, positive attitude the whole time! He helped unpack my moving truck and move heavy things up two flights of stairs, but he attacked the task with energy! He’s a great team player and eager to help people, so I would recommend him highly for any and all jobs!

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