Category Moving
Description Move large 2 pc. oak rolltop desk, ea. pc. 150 lbs. or more, to next room - it will slide on carpet; install 100+ lb. stereo receiver in cabinet; move ~ 100 lb. This End Up desk to next room; move 60" flatscreen TV - ~ 100 lbs. - from one tabletop to another; move medium-sized ~ 100 lb. storage box from closet top shelf to SUV trunk immediately outside - apt. is on ground level; flip queen mattress.
Equipment Needed none
Sweepers Requested 2
Sweeper Description Ea. person must be able to handle 1/2 of rolltop desk above; nothing else that challenging.
When and Where
Location Durham, 27707
Start Time Fri. Aug 19 at 9:00am
Time Estimate 3 hours
When Posted Monday, 08/08/16 05:02pm
Awarded Sweepers
Matt A.
Rating: 4.98 (47)
Andrew P.
Rating: 4.97 (38)
Matt A. (Rating: 5) fine job!
Andrew P. (Rating: 5) fine job!

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