Category Moving
Description I need the following done:1. Side by side refrigerator moved from 100 Simpson to 104 Simpson. The doors will need to be taken off the refrigerator in order to get it out of the house. The water line also needs to be disconnected from the refrigerator. Once the refrigerator is at 104 Simpson the doors need to be reattached and the water line connected.2. Older refrigerator (freezer on top) needs to be moved from the basement of 100 Simpson (up about 15 stairs) and installed in the kitchen.3. Large upright freezer at 104 Simpson needs to be moved over about a foot from its current location.4. About 15 storage boxes (filled with paper documents) need to be moved from 100 Simpson to 104 Simpson.
Equipment Needed Pickup Truck (*We do NOT provide or drive moving trucks)
Hand Truck (Dolly)
Sweepers Requested 2
Sweeper Description The people who do this job need to know how to take the doors off a side by side refrigerator and reattach them. They also need to know how to disconnect and reconnect the water line for the refrigerator/freezer. They also must be able to move the heavy refrigerators and have room for the side by side in their truck. I always enjoy working with Connor and Brandon; if they are available and can do this job then I request them. Otherwise, I'm happy to work with some other people.
When and Where
Location Carrboro, NC 27510
Start Time Sat. Jan 30 at 4:00pm
When Posted Thursday, 01/28/16 01:36pm
Awarded Sweepers
Connor G.
Rating: 4.95 (163)
Brandon H.
Rating: 4.88 (48)
Connor G. (Rating: 5) It's always a pleasure to work with Connor!
Brandon H. (Rating: 5) It's always a pleasure to work with Brandon!

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