Category Events
Description The job is on Friday, October 6th, 2017, from about 6 to 9 PM. This is a Friday evening Welcome Supper for out-of-town guests arriving for a wedding the following day. It is a casual southern barbecue. We would like to book one person to be present to help keep the venue clean and free of trash, help to restock food as necessary, and help with cleanup. Because the site is an historic landmark, there can be no dumpster on site, so all trash needs to be removed at the end of the event. I would like the sweeper to be responsible for this trash removal. At the current time I do not know exactly how many people will be attending this event, but will have a better idea several weeks before the date. If attendance is high, I may require a second sweeper to work with the first. I am also posting for a second job on Sunday morning, October 8, and it would be great if the same sweeper could do both jobs.
Equipment Needed Pickup Truck (*We do NOT provide or drive moving trucks)
Sweepers Requested 1
Sweeper Description I need someone who is presentable, pleasant, reliable, and industrious. I would like them to have an eye for detail (i.e., someone who will notice that sweating glass abandoned on good furniture, that piece of food that has been dropped on the floor, etc, and will move to promptly rectify the situation).
When and Where
Location Chapel Hill, 27516
Start Time Fri. Oct 06 at 6:00pm
Time Estimate 3 hours
When Posted Friday, 06/09/17 02:47pm
Awarded Sweepers
Tyler D.
Rating: 4.96 (159)
Tyler D. (Rating: 5) A pleasure to have had him work for us. On time, presentable, courteous, and hardworking!

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